Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beautiful evening in Rosice

My hubby's colleague Jan kindly invited us over to his beautiful estate in Rosice to have a BBQ with his family. Rosice is another town nearby Brno. We accidentally passed it when we made a day trip to Třebíč. Of course, at that time, we didn't know it was where Jan lived with his family.

Evenings are long in Brno nowasdays. Despite the fact it was after long hours of work in the office for both Jan and my hubby, the sun was still up and painting everything around us in warm pinkish-orange; one of my favorite times of the day (another one of my favorites is when the early morning sun casts whitish yellow light into the clean morning air). 

Sitting outside at the deck near the stone grill, enjoying the smell of charcoal slowly cooking the chicken kababs, we enjoyed the conversation in the evning light. Jan and Pavla's two cute daughters were running happily.  It truly was a beautiful evening.

What amazed us later that evening was when Jan told us that they built the house by themselves - yes, from scratch by him, Pavla, and their parents. The house is so beautiful that it was even portrayed in one of the magazines. It is modern, sturdy, and very nicely built. I was just startled to learn that they themselves built such a gorgeous house!  

Thank you Jan and Pavla for a truly wonderful evening!

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