Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Change in a relationship with PC

Boy... how long has it been since I started to use a personal computer?  When I had the first job after getting out of university; way before the world-wide-web era, or even way before Windows era, we were using mainly Fujitsu or NEC 16-bit machine with 5-inch disc drives, or IBM JX (8-bit machine but was said to be a virtual 16-bit machine) at work. Then the ones with 3-inch disc drives became popular. I believe the first machine I purchased for myself was NEC PC98CV21 in 1989, which was a machine mimicing then-a-popular Apple Macintosh's exterior (all-in-one type). I remember I had to contemplate a lot for this big purchase (probably the biggest one so far back then).  I remember I paid about 350,000 yen (approx. $2,600 with the exchange rate back then), which was a lot for a poor rookie like myself.  I basically needed the machine to work at home. Once the company that I was working for back then set up a proprietary chat room and email system, I also bought a modem (unbelievable 1,200 bps!!) to enjoy some of the offerings. There were no such activities like browsing through the webs or Facebooking back then. I still remember the dial tone coming from my 1,200 bps modem. It made me feel like swimming through the telephone line to a big ocean. :-)

Since then, I probably owned 15 diferent desktops and laptops. I have been spending most of my day (average of 13 hrs/day) in front of the computer for the last 20+ years (mainly because I kept working for IT companies). Even after moving to Czech Republic (meaning not having a steady job ^^), I have been spending approx. 5-6 hrs at least in front of the computer. I would check emails from 4 different email accounts, FB, Twitter, Yahoo Finance, banking and trading, blogging, skyping, and random web search and blog reading throughout the day every single day.  These take time!

But all of a sudden about a week ago, I started to realize that I was spending much less time on PC. I am more into off-PC stuff like reading, learning Czech, or doing yoga - for the first time ever since I owned my PC. Is it bad or good?  Neither. I just think it is just the time for me to focus around the off-PC stuff, and it definitely changed my life style a bit. And, I would say change is good once in a while.

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