Friday, August 6, 2010

Soda maker

Ever since we got here, we have been consuming at least a bottle (1.5 litter bottle) of sparkling water a day. And, the other day when we visited Jana's place, she showed me a device which produces soda water instantly; right there in front of you! Later I did some research on the product, and it seems it is fairly commonly used in Europe. I also found out that similar products are sold in the US and Japan as well. Nevertheless, it was the first time for me and my hubby to learn about such a device.

So, we bought it! We went to an electronics store to find a bag of coffee filters (strange to say, but we cannot find it anywhere else but in that particular electronics store), and there it was. They were having a demonstration booth. We talked to a lady who was presenting different kinds of devices (and amazingly she spoke English!) and made the purchase.

The device has been so useful. We just fill the bottle that came with the device with tap water (yes, everyone I met here in Brno told me I can drink tap water and in fact it is very good, so I switched from mineral water to tap water recently). Push a button to inject some gas, and in a matter of 5 seconds, you get a very bubbly water. Unlike the bubbly water you get at the store, bubble stays for a long time. I am very happy with the purchase. The device only cost us about $100. It came with a small canister of gas and a bottle of orange flavor, which you can mix with water to make orange soda juice.

And the greatest benefit is that I no longer have to carry heavy bottles of water home every day from the store!

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