Monday, August 2, 2010

Fish shop found!

It is that time again. I started to experience a major craving for fish! If you were raised near the ocean, you probably have felt the similar symptom as mine. It has been a challenge to find decent-looking fish in any of the grocery stores here in Brno. So, I spammed a corporate social networking site at a company where I was recently hired as a consultant and asked about fish stores in Brno. Everyone was so helpful despite the silly question that I posted. Finally, I got a lead about a fish store near our apartment!

So, I went there. It is a tiny store probably only 6ft wide with just a single counter as you walk into the store. On the right hand side of the counter, there was a small glass display case on top of the counter which had several marinated fish. That was not what I wanted, and I was going to leave, but then when I looked at the left hand side of the counter (which is used for the cash register), I found some uncooked freshwater fish in a shallow metal oven pan.

I was a bit reluctant as it was just sitting there on the counter but figured maybe it was out as the previous customer was buying the fish. So, I decided to take a stab at buying it as well.

That night, I cooked the fish in butter and oil, topped with garlic and shallot sauce, and it was perfect!

I also found an organic food store near the fish store. I got a bag of quinoa, which you can't find in regular grocery stores here. I made quinoa mixed with sauteed pinenuts and onion.

The dinner made us happy :)

Thanks for the great lead!!

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