Thursday, September 30, 2010

Four day trip - From Brno, Czech Republic to Krakow, Poland

Finally "my" vacation was here. My hubby has been way too busy to take a chunk of days off, so we took an advantage of Czech holiday on Sept 28th (called Den české státnosti, I suppose) and took a day off on Monday the 27th and made it into a four day vacation.  I know he was busy, so I do appreciate his effort to make me happy (thanks hon!) :)

There were a couple of places that I wanted to visit on the way to and from Krakow, such as Hukvaldy where Janacek was born and Auschwitz.  I made the following itinerary just for fun. And, of course the challenge was "gG," our beloved cat/son.  We can't really leave him in a car for a long time, so we needed to make a plan to avoid such instances.
9/25 (Sat): Leave Brno --- (43m) ---> Kromeriz --- (2hr 45m) ---> Kobior, Poland
9/26 (Sun): Kobior, Poland --- (35m) ---> Oswiecim/Auschwitz --- (35m) ---> Kobior, Poland --- (1hr 10m) ---> Krakow
9/27 (Mon): Krakow
9/28 (Tue): Krakow --- (2hr 30m) ---> Hukvaldy --- (1hr 48m) ---> Brno

We always enjoy our short trips like this, but I made a mistake in planning this time. Firstly Kromeriz was much bigger than I expected.  Much more stuff to see.  Consequently, we gave up on taking a tour of Archibishop's Chateau, etc, and we just walked through a part of the vast garden behind the chateau. It was a nice walk with nice scenary, and we told ourselves that we had to visit there again some other time (without gG).

Secondly, the car navigation system we got from Hertz didn't work at all.  It almost got us lost, and it took much longer time to get from one place to another. For instance, you should be able to get to Hukvaldy from Krakow in 2 hrs and 30 mins, but instead it took us like 4 hrs!  Anyway, I managed to accomplish my dream visit to Janacek's second house, so I can't complain.

Thirdly, I underestimated the time we could spend in Auschwitz. You could definitely spend all day long there.

But, all in all, the vacation was fantastic. I will be posting about each place after this.  Hope you get a glimpse of what we experienced throughout the trip.

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