Thursday, September 30, 2010

Příbor, Czech Republic

You may know Sigmund Freud, but you may not know that he was born in a small town called Příbor in the Czech Republic. Since we didn't sepend that much time in Kroměříž, we decided to take a quick stop at Příbor.

Actually Příbor is right next to Hukvaldy, the birthplace of Janacek, which I will be writing about later. And oddly enough, both of them lived there around the same timeframe (Janaeck was born in 1854, Freud in 1856), although Janacek left Hukvaldy when he was 11 and Freud left Příbor when he was 3.

The birthplace of Freud is now turned into a small museum. It is called the family house of Sigmund Freud and was opened in 2006. Of course the house has been renovated, and so little of original anything remains, but you get to walk through with a set of earphones that guide you through the house. There is more to see and learn in the Freud Museum in Vienna, but it was good to see the town the small Freud played around in.

And, I just loved the sight of the winding pavement you can peek at through the small upstairs windows.

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