Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Freud Museum in Vienna

There is a house Sigmund Freud lived from 1891 till 1938 just outside the ring in Vienna. Sturdy but elegant building had total of five stories. The second story was used for his office. Now the second floor has been turned into his museum. You can learn a lot about Freud there. Somehow... I have been interested in Freud ever since I learned about him. Unfortunately I couldn't spend too much time there, but I was thrilled to step into his apartment and office that he actually lived his life. Btw, the middle aged Freud was quite a good looking guy, which I never knew :)

There were a couple of things that I learned about Freud. He was born in Moravi (!!), a little town called Příbor; then an Austrian town but now a Czech town. His parents had a 20 year of age difference. I understand that he found that he had a strong affection to his mother and also came up with the theory named "Oedipus complex," and I wonder if his parents' age difference had anything to do with it. He was also born with a caul, which was considered to be a sign of good luck back then.

I wanted to re-read his book "The Interpretation of Dreams," but it is packed in one of the boxes which were sent to the storage house in LA... :(

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