Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday strolling - April 23, 2010

The weather in Brno has been so gorgeous that we decided to take a walk in the late afternoon. People (like us) were enjoying the late afternoon sun in the park behind the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul looking over the beautiful neo-gothic style cathedral.

We went around the cathedral and walked to the vegetable market, bought some veggies, stopped at the book store (and found lots of Murakami books!), and continue walking towards the Freedom Square (the central square in old town Brno).

The sqaure was filled with people and... with a bunch of military cars and men. We later found out it was the exhibition related to the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Brno. Hard to realize that it already has been 65 years since the WWII. But, if I think about my father, who has foung in WWII, being 85, it all makes sense. My father used to talk to us about the war all the time at the dinner table when we were kids.  I can now appreciate that he did that.
To end our strolling, we went to a restaurant near Moravská Náměstí. The ambiance was more comtemporary than the typical restaurants in Brno, but somehow the wooden chairs didn't go with rest of the decore in my humble opinion. We ordered a greek salad, which unfortunately was not really a greek salad, and a New York steak, which didn't taste bad but reminded me more of a thin Mexican carne asada made with a flank or skirt steak than New York strip. But I have to say that the beer there was the best so far. It had this thick very creamy foam on top. Loved it!

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