Monday, April 19, 2010

St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna

The symbol of Vienna, St. Stephen's Cathedral, stands tall in the center of Vienna. The first sight of the south tower was just surprising and magnificent. We were walking down the narrow street, and all of a sudden a tip of beautiful looking tower appeared in front of us. It reminded me of a scene from the UFO movie :) Yes, I was that surprised with the first sight.

The cathedral was first built in the 12th century and has been remodeled to be the current gothic style in the 14-16th century. The south tower is 137m high, and it has a nickname of "Steffl."  You can actually go up the tower, although we didn't as the last admission ended at 4:30pm.  We were late for that.  What I really liked was the roof of the cathedral.  It was just beautiful.  It says that it is covered with 230,000 glazed tiles.

The cathedral also has catacombs which holds the remains from the massive death by Black Plague (killed 150,000 people in Vienna).

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