Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cafes in Vienna

If you are Japanese, I am sure you've heard of a coffee called "ウィンナーコーヒー (wiener coffee = viennese style coffee)."  I remember I was around 10 years old when I first heard the name of this coffee.  My father took me and my sister to a cafe near our house, and asked us if we want to try the coffee.  I asked if a sausage is in the coffee :-)  As the word "ウィンナー (wiener)" also meant "sausage" in Japanese.  I suppose the original naming of the sausage was "ウィンナーソーセージ (wiener sausage = viennese style sausage)" and we started to omit the most important part of "sausage" and started to call the sausage "wiener."  
Anyway, whenever I hear about vienneese style coffee, I remember this story.

Cafes seem to be deeply integrated into Viennese life.  There are hundreds of cafes even just inside the ring, and they are full of people throughout the day. It is not only a place to drink coffee or eat breakfast, it is a place to read newspaper, relax, meet with friends and talk. 

I would say the most famous drink is "Melange."  It is topped with thick foam, which resembles Cappuccino.  The wiener coffee that I mentioned above seems to be called Einspanner.  Coffees are served with a small glass of water and a small chocolate.  After taking a long walk around the ring, coffee definitely helped us relaxed.

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