Monday, April 19, 2010

Vienna Streets

Just like Tokyo, Vienna consists of 23 zones (Bezirk), but each zone is much much smaller than the one in Tokyo.  The zone-1 is the center of Vienna, and the street called Ring runs around zone-1. Most of the popular sightseeing destinations such as St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stephandom), Vienna State Opera, and Hofburg Imperial Palace are located inside zone-1, and everything is so close by that you can walk to any destinations or take a tram which goes around the ring.

We headed to Vienna around noon on April 2nd. By 3:30pm, we arrived at the hotel near Stadpark that is also right next to the station called Parkring. Our plan was to stay there until April 5th, the day I flied out to Japan from Vienna Airport.

We had two full days of sightseeing already planned, but we were eager to check out Vienna as soon as we arrived to the hotel.

We cheked into our hotel, situated gG with a glass of fresh water and a plate of his favorite food, and we decided to take a walk to the Stephansdom, which was about 8 mins away from the hotel.

The most streets inside the zone-1 are narrow and surrounded by the beautiful buildings.  I wonder if it is due to the Easter holidays, there weren't too many cars in zone-1, etiher. Although it was still cold outside, we bundled ourselves up and enjoyed the early evening walk in the city of Vienna.

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