Monday, April 26, 2010


I stayed in Tokyo over a night right before taking off to Vienna.  Firstly I had to go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs to submit my police document for them to give me an apostille.  Secondly the flight to Vienna was leaving in the moring, and I thought it would be wiser to stay in Tokyo instead of leaving Shizuoka around 6am.   And the plan allowed me to see my friends in Tokyo area!

That night, I had a chance to meet with my old colleagues from the company called Logo Japan, which was promoting the computer language called Logo developed by Seymour Papert in MIT. It was the first company that I joined after college.  I was very Americanized back then, and people called me "Gaijin (foreigners)."   Anyway, I stayed there for the next 8 years taking care of the products.  I realized I have not seen some of them for 20 years (!!).  20 years just passed so quickly.  Yet, it was amazing that we immediately felt the same connection that we felt back then.  Of course all of us aged and went through quite a lot in these 20 years, but we thought no one has changed even a bit :)  I was semi-mesmerized with all the conversation that was carried on, but it was great to see them all after so many years. 

Earlier that day, in between the admin work I had to do, I met with a couple of more friends.  One was them was Okuyama-san whom I worked with at Bowne.  It had been like 10 years since I saw her last, and it was great to be able to meet even only for lunch and catch up what we have been up to (yep, in 10 years!) :)

Then I had a chance to meet with Higa-chan who also worked at Logo Japan.  He couldn't come to the night gathering as he had another appointment.  Anyway Higa-chan and I were the first five members to start up the company, so we go way back (more than 20 years!).  He has been engaged in many interesting projects to create "things" (you name it - basically anything from  museum to movies), and I wanted to pick his brain to let myself motivated to start out something new.  Again it was a short meeting, but the best advice was "start out big!" - yep, I will do that.

Although it was only for one day, I consider Tokyo one of my hometowns that I spent my precious 12 years after college. And it was such a pleasure to meet my old friends that I missed for so many years.

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