Sunday, April 25, 2010

The first meeting with my niece's baby boy in Japan

I was back in Japan to visit my mother's grave and to get a document from the local police for my visa application to stay in Czech Republic.  It was a short trip, but I accomplished what I wanted to do, and had a chance to meet with my niece's first baby boy "Reiru" finally!!   Yes, my sister is already a grandma.  Boy...

Reiru-kun and I got immediately bonded, just like gG got bonded with my sister immediately.. .Okay, gG is just an animal!  But, it is very rare for gG to jump up on stranger's tummy, but he did immediately to my sister.  Anyway, Reiru-kun either enjoyed my face or what I was doing with my face :-)  He just kept smiling at me.

He is 8 kg heavy(!) and has a very charismatic attitude as if he would become a Sumo wrestler.  My niece, Akari-chan, is so skinny, but her bicepts were getting big as she has been carrying 8 kg baby all day long.  And very impressive thing is that she takes great care of her baby despite the fact that she is only 19 years old and despite the fact that there are so many awful cases of mothers abusing their kids in Japan.  I am truely proud of her.

This picture was taken using the "Purikura", a short name for "Print Club."  It is basically a photo booth that has more features than just a regular photo booth. For instance, you can write words on it or put decorative items.  I forgot how many shots we made, but machine just keeps taking pictures every so often, and we just pose inside the booth.  This was the first time in many years that I was in the booth of "Purikura", and I was surprised how advanced the machine has gotten.  Out of many pictures you took, you can later choose wthe ones you want to print. With only 400 yen, you can enjoy quite a bit.  And, nowadays, the machine is getting so sophisticated, even if you are not wearing any makeups (just like all three of us in the picture), the pictures turn out to be just great!

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