Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New black granite attraction at Náměstí Svobody

For a while we knew that something was being built under the huge tent-like cover at the corner of Náměstí Svobody. It was finally unveiled over the weekend.

It was a black machine looking like a small spaceship! According to the press, it is a clock made out of black granite, and it spits out (don't know how) a glass marble everyday at 11am (this 11am is related to the legend mentioned in my previous post).

I walked by it twice already this week, and at both time, the granite clock was surrounded by many Brno folks. And especially today, since it was around 10:45am when I walked by it, people were clinging around the clock being so eager to catch a ball which supposedly should come out from one of the holes of the clock at 11am. I heard you can take it home if you were lucky enough to catch the ball.  I shall stay and watch how the ball looks like next time!

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