Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Genuine Tzatziki at Hermes in Brno

We found a great Greek grocery store called Hermes in downtown Brno. It looks like the store is headquartered in a town called Krnov, which is a small town on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. Hermes Brno branch is a small store, but you can get stuff like Tzatziki (very genuine stuff!), all kinds of pickled peppers and olives that are stuffed with cheese, Baklava, etc. They also have a great stock of Greek wines as well.

According to wikipedia, roughly 12,000 Greek citizens fled to then Czechoslovakia during the 1946-1949 Greek Civil War. Most of them were concentrated round the towns of Brno (Brunn), Ostrava, Opava, and Krnov. In 1975, the emigration back to Greece started including those born in Czechosolovakia, and by 1991, there were just 3,443 people in Czechoslovakia who declared Greek ethnicity; almost all of those were in the Czech portion of the country, with just 65 in the Slovak portion. However, many of those who emigrated back to Greece kept the strong contact with the Czech Republic and helped in establishing the trade links between two countries. Is this the reason why I see lots of Gyros places around Brno?

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