Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Travelling coat

There was an unexpected event during our trip to Budapest at the end of Feb. We had a great dinner at one of the local restaurants called Klassz. It was a crowded night at the restaurant, and we were asked to move to another table.

Almost all the restaurants around this area have several coat racks for the customers to hang their coats. There was indeed several of them in Klassz as well, and so we did. But, when we moved our table, we didn't move my coat to the nearest rack. After we finished our wonderful dinner, my hubby kindly went to the coat rack and got my coat, which I wore that night to go back to our hotel.

Next morning, when we were about to leave for the Parliament tour, I noticed something slightly odd about my coat. The color was slightly softer. I searched for my lip cream in one of the pockets, and it wasn't there. Then I picked up my coat and realized it was lighter. By then, I knew it was not my coat :)

Strange thing was that the coat fit me perfectly. It had almost the same shape, length, color, even the number of buttons, etc. Anyway, since it was the only coat I had for the morning, the coat ended up going to the Parliament with us. We needed to leave for Brno that day but waited until the restaurant was open. We stopped at the restaurant hoping that they would know something about the swapped coat accident from the previous night, but they didn't.  We left our phone number hoping that whoever had ended up with my coat would contact the restaurant.

We were on our way back to Brno when we received a call from the restaurant. The lady who had ended up with my coat was there, too. Apparently she was a tourist from Sweden. A couple of days later, we got an email from her notifying us of the address we should send her coat to, so we did.  Finally her coat was reunited with its owner! And, she used the box to send my coat back to Brno. My coat enjoyed a trip from Budapest to Sweden and back to Brno. :)  It was the first adventurous trip my coat took without me.

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