Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Miyabi in Prague: Wonderful Japanese Restaurant

Whenever we visit Prague, we enjoy also visiting a Japanese restaurant which serves typical Japanese cusines other than sushi. Brno has a couple of sushi places, but we cannot get Katsudon or Tempura Udon type of dishes. Our favorite in Prague so far had been the restaurant called Katsura, but we decided to try out a new restaurant called Miyabi this time.

The restaurant had a great ambiance with modern decor and lighting. The chairs and tables were somewhat outdated and didn't really fit into the entire mood, but it had the "wabi sabi" meets European cafe type of feel to it. There are also some Tatami rooms in the back.

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about this restaurant, as the Japanese guidebook said that the chef is Czech rather than Japanese. Yes, my presumption was that it might not taste authentic. But, my presumption was completely wrong. It was more authentic than could be! I did some research on the chef and found out his name is Mr. Marek Hora. He was one of the Seven Sushi Samurai at the Sushi Award 2009. He didn't win the top award, but his creativity was well acknowledged. According to this site, Miyabi's logo is "CaJ" meaning Czech and Japan, representing the chef's wish to bridge two cultures and also to appreciate the mind of Japanese "tea ceremony" (caj is a Czech word for "tea").

In addition to sushi, they have Udon, Soba, typical a la carte dishes such as Agedashi Tofu as well as different kinds of Bento with all kinds of goodies. We ordered Shokado Bento which came with yakizakana (grilled fish fillet), tempura moriawase (4 different kinds of tempura including shrimp), sashimi moriawase (4 or 5 different kinds of sashimi), yasai nimono (boiled veggie - that day they served wonderfully cooked eggplant), rice, miso soup, and dessert. All this for only 450 CZK!!! Much cheaper than eating sushi in Brno.

Kudos to Chef Hora. I highly recommend this place!

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