Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beautiful Brno evening with fireworks

Finally!!  The sun came out late afternoon on Friday, June 4th.  We had been stuck under thick grey sky since late April, and it felt almost strange to see a bright sun in the sky.  And, the balcony chairs that we bought 2 weeks ago finally found some use in the evening.  We sat outside with a glass of white Moravian wine and enjoyed the view of the beautiful town of Brno from our balcony.  The sky was midnight blue, and the town lights looked like bright orange stars dropped from the sky  - it sort of reminded me of the painting by Van Gogh's "Starry Night." 

We sat there and talked over wine for a while, and to our surprise all of a sudden the fireworks started.  Earlier that evening, we were wondering why there were so many policemen around the park behind the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul when we walked by.  Now we knew it was for the fireworks.  We had a perfect view of the fireworks right next to the cathedral towers from our balcony.  Of course gG got scared by the huge bang-bang noise, and he escaped to one of the bathrooms. Poor gG... :(

It was just a wonderful night. And I realized there was a beautiful upside-down miniture Brno town inside my wine glass :)

Here is a video of the fireworks.

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