Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wooden deck table

This past weekend was just gorgeous with lots of sunshine. We decided to build a wooden deck table which we purchased 2 weeks ago and which had been sitting in our entrance hallway for a while.

As we started to put the legs together, we realized one of the pieces had a defect. Consequently, we had to make a tram trip to Bauhaus, which is a mega store just like Lowe's and Homedepot in the US, to exchange the piece.  The little trip was fun hanging out with my hubby, eating lunch at a little restaurant in a grocery store called Interspar, and browsing the plants in Bauhaus.

Got back with a right piece and started to build a table. It took us about 45 mins, which was a lot longer than we thought it would be (mainly because we had to redo a part of it).  Anyway, we were finally done, and the table looked so good on our small deck.  We just couldn't resist trying it out with a chilled glass of beer! After a nice workout (well, building a furniture is a workout), cold beer tasted real good - especially sitting at the table we just built! gG joined us with a glass of fresh water :)  And, with a nice buzz we got under the sun, three of us all took a great nap. What a great way to spend your late Sunday afternoon!

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