Monday, June 28, 2010

Brno-Tuřany Airport

When I heard about Brno-Tuřany Airport, the image that I created in my head was a single runway running through the middle of nowhere land. Well, I was WRONG. The airport was very modern looking with a silver capsule like building.

According to the wiki, the airport was actually built back in 1950's. During the communist era, the airport was used by the air force, but it is now owened by the government for the civilian use. Most of the flights from the airport are charters except a very few scheduled flights going to Prague, London, and Moscow.

And, during the summer time, there are a whole bunch of charter flights going to some of the popular vacation destinations like Greece, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Spain, or Egypt. I wouldn't mind taking a charter flight if I don't have to travel with our cat gG, but the chance that would happen is probably zero :(

On Sunday, June 13th, Ko-chan left from the airport to London and finally to Mexico by stopping in SF and LA en route. It was good to have you, Ko-chan!  Come back soon--.

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  1. I had an amazing trip, a trip I won't forget for life. Thanks for everything and.. and of course thank you for all the countless mugs of beer! (PS. my SFO-LAX flight was cancelled and I got to stay at Hilton SFO!)