Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ko-chan's visit & Prague Day 1

It's been a while since I wrote the last blog entry.  Things had been a bit crazy around me. Firstly I have been engaged in a short consulting work, and Ko-chan, the younger son of my hubby, came and visited us for... a couple of days.  In fact, we didn't know exactly when he was going to show up here.  Apparently he couldn't contact us as he was hitchhiking all the way from Amsterdam! 

Come to think about it, I hitchhiked quite a bit at college, but it was a much safer world back then. Glad Ko-chan made it through by getting rides from good people. He then made me realize that we tend to create a boundary towards others as we get older. When I was younger, I was definitely much more open towards relationships, talking with strangers wherever I went even thought I knew I would never meet them again (back then, we didn't have what's called email, IM, or social network ^^).  Now, how many times would I speak to the strangers?

Anyway, he showed up on Thursday evening around 8:15pm.  We had a good chat on our balcony (yep, finally our new balcony set was in good use) until VERY late. But, we had a lot to catch up.  My hubby for sure was happy to have the opportunity to talk with him.

Next day, we were supposed to leave for Prague around 10am (well, the original plan was based on the assumption that Ko-chan would get here on Wed instead of Thur), but we decided delay that a bit. We rented a car and started our journey to Prague by firstly stopping at a pet store to buy gG's food ^^;   Yes, he always comes along with us these days.  I remember the first time I took him to a drive (back in Calif).  He was not happy at all back then.  Nowadays, he is very relaxed in the back seat.

We got to Prague really smoothly.  No heavy traffic, and the GPS helped us find our way to our hotel.  It was around 3pm already, and my hubby who had been working almost 24/7 (and just got back from Berlin) needed a nap before doing anything, so we all rested for a while and decided to head out to an evening stroll to explore a part of Prague.

The plan was to head to the Old Town Square, which is the center of old town, but we ended up heading towards Vltava River - you must know why if you have been to Prague. The streets are not at all going straight! 

It was rather humid and hot which reminded me of a summer weather in Japan, but we enjoyed the view of the Prague castle along the river before heading towards the Old Twon Square, which I will write in my next entry.