Friday, July 16, 2010

Relaxing afternoon with our friend Jana

Jana has been a great friend and supporter for both me and my hubby ever since we arrived in Brno. And during the long weekend, she kindly invited us over to her newly renovated flat where she and her husband await the arrival of their new family member.  I was so excited not only because I just love talking with Jana but also it was the first time being in the home of a Czech family.

Jana and her husband Petr welcomed us with great snacks and homemade sweets! I was flattered that she prepared all that for us while her baby could come any time soon. And, they tasted great. Even their bunny Yammi (spell? - btw, his full name is "Yamamoto," which made me laugh so hard the first time I heard it) joined us for some snacks. And not to mention that his way of hopping added more happy smiles on our faces.

The flat was nicely renovated.  The way they broke the walls and made into one big family room adjoining the dining room made lots of sense, and it felt really comfortable.  Jana can watch her baby any time from her kitchen, dining room, or family room.  Great floor plan!

We talked for a while over great snacks and decided to head to the lake for lunch.  It was again the first time for me to visit "the" Brno Lake everyone was talking to me about.  Brno Lake is a 10km long water reservoir and said to be one of the most popular recreational area in Brno.  Indeed, the day we went there, too, was full of families enjoying boat rides, minature golf, and just relaxing. 

We went into one of the restaurants by the lake. And guess what?  They had a variety of fish dishes on the menu!!  I was getting a fish-deficiency attack, and seeing all kinds of fish on the menu was a great pleasure. 

I decided to order a bowl of creamy fish soup and a grilled catfish, and my hubby ordered a bowl of onion soup with cheese and a grilled red snapper.  And of course my hubby and I shared the fish. The catfish was fattier than I imagined, but it satisfied my fish cravings.  The red snapper was excellent! We were both fullfilled with great food and great conversation.

Jana and Petr showed us more around the lake including the dam, but by the time we got to the dam, the sky started to turn very gray. And, by the time we got to the tram station, it was pouring.  Got soaking wet, but it was all worth it.  And, next time we will try the boat ride to the Veveři Castle.

We very much enjoyed the visit. Thank you Jana and Petr (and Yammi!).

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  1. We enjoyed your visit as well and will be happy to show you more around Brno once you have time. ;-)