Monday, November 15, 2010

The busiest 3 weeks

My life all of a sudden became unbelievably chaotic. For the last 3 weeks, I had to worry about my visa renewal, my Czech driver's license, my passport renewal, a trip to Japan, 2 very quick trips to Prague (to the Japanese embassy), and finally the move (again!). And, not to mention that I caught a nasty cold right before going to Japan, and gG got very sick and hospitalized while I was in Japan.

Japan was great except that I was still recovering from my sickness, and every occasion that I laughed I was stormed with my coughs. Anyway, I met with 12 of my high school friends in my home town. It had been more than 20 years since I met some of them, but strangely enough, none of us felt we had changed much :-)  Since we had such a great time that I even forgot to take a single picture :-(  I also had great time with my family including my one year old great nephew (I wonder it is the right way to call him - he is my sister's daughter's son).

And the worst thing ever happened to me in Japan was to find out that gG got sick.  He had to be hospitalized as he was so weak (apprently he stopped eating and drinking right after I left).  I felt very helpless and devastated being so far away from him and not being able to do anything for him. The luckiest thing wast that the vet my hubby found was super nice, and she kept informing me about his condition via email every single day, and I felt better afterwards (the vet couldn't figure out anything serious except that gG needed to have a vigorous teeth cleaning).  gG only weighted 1.5kg when he was brought into the hospital...  Anyway, he got better.  I came back on Oct 28th, which was a Czech holiday, so the hospital was closed, but we picked him up the next day after us taking a quick trip to Prague to renew my passport at the Japanese embassy (this was needed for my visa application).  gG was still very skinny and rather disoriented, but he gained his strength little by little, and by Monday the following week, he was back to normal. By then my jetlag was also being cured as well.

And, another week of chaos began with the preparation for the move and gathering of more documents for my visa renewal.

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