Saturday, November 20, 2010

Indian fast food

I am a big fan of spicy food. But Czech people don't seem to enjoy spicy food too much.  I often ask for chili peppers at Italian restaurants, and I would usually get the facial expression of "what are you talking about?." Basically they don't have it.  So, when I found an Indian restaurant near the central square (Nam. Svobody), I was really happy. The food was good, but I have to say it was overpriced. 

Well, we found a good fast food place now. It is in the food court of TESCO Park, and this one is very moderately priced!  It also tastes good, too.  The restaurant is called "Indická Kuchyně." We tried one meat platter and one vegetarian platter, so that we could taste many different kinds of curries they had :-)  My favorite was the spinach saag and the chicken curry.  The lamb curry was a little bit too salty for me.  Anyway, I would recommend this place if you are up for Indian fast food in Brno.

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  1. wow sakiko!! who would have thought. I guess indians really are everyhwere!! =) thanks for sharing.