Thursday, November 25, 2010

Universal bed size?

I thought bed sizes were universal, but I was so wrong. There is no such thing as a "king" bed or "queen" bed here. Most of the bed mattresses are 80cm or 90cm or 140cm in width (and 200cm in length).  And, if you want to go beyond 140cm, you basically put two of the 80/90cm mattresses together and make it into a bigger bed. The previous flat had two of the 80cm mattresses. Coming from a Cal King bed, it was VERY small for us. Eventually gG gave up on sleeping on the bed with us. :-)  The new flat we just moved in has two of the 90cm mattresses, and it's like night and day. All of us (including gG) are happy.  Now he (gG) sleeps right next to me. :-)

Another thing which we can't find here is the flat bed sheet or the comfort cover which is big enough for the US King size comfort. Likewise, there are no pillow cases big enough for our King size pillows. These are the items to buy when I have a chance to travel back to the US for sure.

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