Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Milk machine

Guess what I found in a parking lot at the TESCO park near our house?  Milk machine!!  It sells empty plastic bottles and milk. You can bring your own bottle as well.  I've seen vending machines selling cartoned or bottled milk, but it was the first time seeing the milk pouring machine like this.

Just like the US commercial would say "Got some milk?" Yep! in a parking lot!


  1. oh this is supposed to be raw milk, do you boil it before drinking? i asked a czexh guy and he said that if your stomack can handle the bacteria in it(which are not bad bacteria i;m thinking)you can drink it like that...and ever since i am doing so without adverse effects ^^

    1. You know I honestly don't know, as we never tried it. Here is the wiki article for your reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raw_milk. I am now in India, and we do boil milk before drinking(well most of them are pasteurized it seems like but it comes in a very thin plastic bag). It might be safer to do so if you were not raised with raw milk?