Friday, February 4, 2011

Dubai creek ride

If you are in Dubai, you cannot ignore Dubai Creek.  It functioned as the main port for the city for a long time. I also learned that the Dubai pearling industry developed along the creek until cultured pearls, which were developed by the Japanese :-(, became popular.

Even now the wooden dhow (traditional gulf sailing vessel) boats bound for ports from Kuwait to Iran and Oman to India dock there loading and unloading their cargo day and night. 

I saw a massive number of dhow boats with lots of boxes along the creek.  Some of the boats had wonderful decorations on the exterior which pretty much contradicted with the meanish looking men who were looking down from the boats. :)  Also, we found lots of great looking cruise-type boats for tourists along the shore as well, which indicates the important role this creek is playing to the Dubai economy.

Also, Dubai Creek is very busy with lots of water taxis.  Water taxis are convenient for the tourist who wants to go from one shore to another (either from Deira to Bur Dubai or vice versa). There are frequent departures and most wonderfully they are CHEAP! 

You can also hire a water taxi for an hour to do a tour along the creek.  We decided to do this on our last day as our flight was leaving Dubai at 2am (!) and we had to simply kill time. But, I have to say it was a good hour of relaxation that we just spent on a boat looking at the salt water splashing along the side of the boat.  I am sure my hubby was in a deep meditative state thinking about work and life in his own world - and I love it when he gets to have that moment. :)

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