Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feb 11th - The 7th Anniversary with gG

Exactly 7 years ago on Feb 11, we had the honor of welcoming gG into our home. It was my hubby's idea to get a cat. I never had a cat in my life before. And to be honest, I was a bit hesitant. We visited several places including some animal shelters, but I could not connect to any of the cats... unfortunately.

One day, we saw an ad that there would be a cat adoption organized by Kitten Rescue at a nearby Petco, so we asid "hey... why not?" and we went. There were about 4 small cages on a table each with a cat inside. The furthest one was covered with a white linen on one side (the side facing other cats). I was curious to see what kind of monster might be in there. I was afraid to find out but went closer and peeked inside slowly. And, I saw a set of the most adorable green eyes looking up at me. Yes! I fell in love immediately. I was like... okay this is love at first sight! As you probably have guessed already by now, it was the fist moment that I laid my eyes on gG :) And, he really wanted us to be his parents.

We talked to a lady from Kitten Rescue, and she told us that gG was older but in very healthy condition except his teeth. She told us that one tooth had to be extracted. We asked why his cage had a linen on it, and she told us that gG didn't like other cats and that she had to put him in a separate room when she had to take care of dozens of cats at her house. I was like... hmmm strange cat. After listening to her, my hubby and I decided to think a little bit. We left Petco, and I could feel gG's eyes on my back. We went shopping at a nearby grocery store contemplating whether to go for gG or not. After the shopping, I said I loved gG and should go back and sign the paper. So, we went back immediately after the shopping to Petco and fill out the application form to be gG's parents. A couple of days later, we received a call from Kitten Rescue, and on Feb 11, we welcomed gG into our home.

While my hubby was going through the paper work with Kitten Resucue in our living room, I had gG all by myself in one of the bedrooms. I certainly didn't know what to do with the furry boy. I loved him but didn't know how to show it. Then he came close to me, looking into my eyes, and all of a sudden "thud!" fell sideway onto the rug. I remember being stunned at the act for a moment, but the next moment, I sensed that he wanted me to pet him. He was laying there with his paws stroking his head and looking so cute. I started to pet him and heard him breathing really hard, and I thought maybe he has a breathing problem but later found out that it was just a very loud purring, which he still does occasionally.

It has been a wonderful 7 years with gG. I am sure he didn't expect him to be a global cat. He moved from LA to the Czech Republic, and since then, he has travelled with us to Poland, Slovakia, and Austria. I am truly thankful that he came into our lives. And, there are so many people along the way who took care of gG, and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank them.

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