Monday, February 7, 2011

Street arts in Brno

Lots of new statues have been created around the city of Brno last year. I already mentioned the black clock in Náměstí Svobody, but I wanted to mention these, too.

Naked Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart statue
Reduta Theatre (Divadlo Reduta) is one of the three National Theatres in Brno, and the oldest theater in central Europe. This is the theater where the young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had his performance in Dec 1767. It is on the corner of Zelny Trh, and guess what I found as I was walking around the other day! A statue of little naked Mozart with a set of wings on his back. Hmmm ^^;

Three light bulbs
Mahen Theatre, which was built in 1882, was one of the first theaters in the world to have electric lights. The plan was designed by Thomas Edison himself, although he was not there when the actual installation was done. This is the theater where some of Leoš Janáček's operas were premiered. In Sept 2010, a wire sculpture of three big light bulbs was created across the street from Mahen Theatre.

"Spravedlnost" ("Justice")
This statue was also created in 2010 in front of the Supreme Administrative Court building. It is supposed to be a fountain. In fact, before it got cold, water was running through the box to the ground.

Clown-nosed girl on the window sill
I like the fact that she is all white except her nose. It sort of blends into the background. I saw a similar thing in Prague, too.
Horse on a balcony

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