Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another big move coming up

Our departure from the Czech Republic is getting closer. And, now that our next destination has been finalized (whew... finally!), we are wrapping things up here. Yes, another big move is coming up "again."

The moving requires lots of project management. You have to make assumptions and based on them you have to make plans. The biggest dependency was to identify when my hubby's job would be finalized. Without knowing the date, we cannot determine when to apply for our visas, and thus when to ask the movers to come, when to vacate this flat so that the owner can find the next tenant, and when to book our flights to our next destination, etc. We made an assumption (a big one) and made our plans. Luckily it looks like things are converging to work out the way we planned - I think.

Another headache each time we do an international move is gG. Every country has different requirements for bringing in your pets. This time, we found out that we had to apply for a certificate in person in the destination country. How on earth can we do that being in the Czech Republic???  Luckily my hubby found an agent that can take care of the pet relocation. We will need to send all the necessary documents within a couple of days, and they will be applying for a certificate in the destination country for us. For that, we have to have one more visit to our vet. The good thing is that the vet is so nice that gG doesn't mind going there at all :) I think we will have the certificate by the time we leave! So, that was another relief.

We were also lucky to sell most of our furniture that we purchased in the Czech Republic, so we can travel rather light. However, since we don't even know what kind of temporary housing we are getting for the first month, I have been wondering what to take, to air mail, and to ship. Probably I will send some gG-related stuff via air, just in case. After all, he is most important one among us :)

The next country is totally unknown to me. I have been studying little by little, asking my friends who are originally from there, but there are still lots of unknown stuff. We just have to live with it. After all things will work out okay no matter what - just like it has been throughout my life (^^). Still things are chaotic here, but we will deal with chaos step by step. And soon we will be starting our new adventure in the most incredible country that I always wanted to visit (well, never thought I would live there, but I will be)! Can't wait!

We will miss all of our good friends that we made here in Brno. The world is getting smaller, and I am sure we will have many chances to meet and greet again.

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