Friday, April 1, 2011

Lobster meal in a drug store?

I think it was Sunday during the last cold winter, I noticed a building on the junction of Masarykova and Janska that had a nice looking fake lobster on top of the store door. The store was closed (all small stores are closed on Sundays here), and I assumed that it was a restaurant probably serving seafood and lobsters. Back then, I didn't know the mark for the drug store or how short on lobsters or any kind of seafood Brno might be. :-)

Anyway, I later realized it was NOT a seafood restaurant. It was a drug store. I tried to do some research on how the lobsters (well, I found a smaller one on the side of the building, too) ended up getting up there, but I couldn't find anything on the web (at least in English). My guess, or I should say my wishful thinking, is that the place used to be a fine seafood restaurant serving all kinds of good seafood from Italy or wherever. Or, maybe it is one of the arts on the street thing. Who knows.

Anyway, I thought it was cute to have a couple of lobster hanging above the drug store in the middle of landlocked Brno. :-)

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