Sunday, April 24, 2011

Local wine bar

Now that spring is here(!), everyone seems to want to be outside drinking coffee, tea, beer, and wine. This is the most wonderful and beautiful time of the year in the Czech Republic, and I am sad that I will be missing it very soon - especially after the long, dark, and cold winter we endured.

As we were strolling around the neighborhood, we found a very authentic looking wine bar. The bar was cozy with brick walls and large windows, and a stout looking owner (maybe?) was pouring wine from barrels on the wall (his features made me think more of a beer hall than a wine bar ^^...but anyway). The bar was pretty full with local folks of different ages (mostly old men!) enjoying the evening wine with their friends. I could easily imagine it has been that way for more than 100 years :) I was wondering if Janacek also visited this wine bar at the end of the 19th century (he lived only a couple of blocks away btw).

A full glass of wine only cost us CZK 18 (around $1.10)!  At this price, I am sure the local folks can enjoy a couple of glasses of wine every evening with their friends and great conversation.

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