Monday, January 25, 2010

Corn Head Cabbage!

IMG_5271We were wondering where to park and where to go for Tofu. We drove further into the premises, and we found a couple of grocery stores on the right hand side. We parked nearby and walked into a couple of stores. To be honest, the first store smelled pretty bad. Inside was dark, and the food didn't look too fresh. So, I went in to the next one, which looked more decent. I bought 1 Tofu and 1 bottle of fish sauce. I don't think the store clerk was happy. I beleive those stores are for the business owners and they expect you to buy lots of volumes.

IMG_5280I have been having cravings for certain types of food ever since I got here. Okay... it only has been a couple of weeks, but once you know you cannot get them anywhere, your cravings increase - I swear. What I was craving for was Tofu and Moyashi (bean sprouts).

I could never find them in any regular grocery stores here. I searched on the web where I may be able to get them, and there it was!! In the site called Brno Now, I found the information I needed. There was a Vietnamese market. Thanks to Brno Now!

IMG_5270Since we had a car over the weekend, we drove to the market, which is about 10 mins drive from the city center. The place was like a "Little Saigon." There were lots of cars parked outside the market. The first thing you notice when you drive into the gate is a bunch of clothing stores. They looked like wholesale stores than retail stores.
IMG_5267Then I saw a guy coming from the corridor to the store, so we traced back to the corridor which led to a raw of stores and restaurants on both side. We went into one and ordered random stuff and got those:
They tasted good and we were happy, but the price was high for Czech standard.

IMG_5269We saw another grocery store, which looked the best. We bought a bag of herbs and moyashi (bean sprouts). Finally!
There I found this interesting looking cabbage - I mean it is a bunch of corn head cabbages! Hip stuff.

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