Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So, we decided to go with IKEA to buy furniture, as that was the only one we knew then. Later we found out there were some more furniture stores in the big mall called Olympia located outside of Brno Center. But, hey, we needed something right away.

The downside of the IKEA furniture is that you have to build them by yourselves. Of course in my case, by myself as my hubby was at work.

The first furniture I tacked was the easiest ones. Bar stools :) It was just so easy to build. It only took 5 mins each.


I used to play with LEGO, so I like these things. I gained some confidence after building the stools, so I decided to tackle a huge one - sofa! Well, this was a challenge, as each piece was so big and heavy. Thanks for my weight training sessions :) It took more than 2 hours, but I managed to put it together.


Then, I went into my office and tried to build our desks, chairs, and a chest of drawers. Chairs were easier, but I didn't have any strength left after building the sofa, and I just couldn't snap certain pieces together so I gave up. I also had to give up on the desks, as the only screwdriver that I brought from the US was too small for that. I built a chest of drawers, but somehow the top drawer got stuck and couldn't pull back out :(

Next weekend, my hubby got us a new set of screwdrivers and completed the desks and chairs. I could also fix the top drawer of our chest of drawers. Yay! We got our office - still basic, but functional enough!


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