Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally to the Moravian Land

The flight from SFO to FRA was rather comfortable. My hubby being a 1K on United helped us for sure. gG had to stay in a carriage bag most of the time, but we were allowed to let him out once in a while, and he was mostly very calm IF he was on my lap. Consequently, I could not take a nap but I was so happy that he was okay.
We had about 3 hrs of wait for the next flight (flight to Vienna). gG seemed to be wondering where the heck he ended up being. He must have never experienced such a long trip and landed in a strange place with lots of white stuff on the ground. The flight to Vienna was rather harsh for him, as we had to be squeezed underneath the seat in economy class. He did his trademark screaming during the flight, but he recovered from the tramatic experience once we landed. He was certainly much tougher than I thought he would be.

Thanks to my hubby's company. There was a car waiting for us at the Vienna airport! It made a HUGE difference. Without a car, we would have had to take a cab to a train station and have taken a train. Not to mention that we had 6 suitcases and gG, so it was definitely a great thing for us to have a car taking us right in front of our apartment.

My hubby got an apartment in mid Nov on the street called Kopečná. You might be thinking how it is pronounced. č is pronounced as "ch" in English, and á is pronounced as lengthened a. So, our street would be ponounced as "Kopechnaa." The apartment is fairly new and modern looking. It is located slightly off the city center, but if you walk less than 5 mins, you are in the city center.

And, the trams are going all over the city, so you can go anywhere basically without a car. I loved that part about this town when I visited here for a short time back in Oct.

IMG_5057Anyway, the apartment my hubby supposedly lived for about a month before joining us in LA for holidays was almost completely empty! I knew he had no furniture except a bed, but I never imagined the level of emptiness. How can a person live like this for a month! He must had been lonely here. Luckily now we got three of us, and plus all three of us were extremely tired that night. We could not had been happier just to have a warm shelter and a bed. We arrived around 5pm in a heavy snow, went out for a quick shopping and used the outside natural frig to cool off our wine and a beer :) And we were off to bed for a loooong and comfortable sleep that night.

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