Thursday, January 28, 2010

How to lock your entrance door from inside

One morning after I sent my hubby out to work, I went back to bed :) Well, I was tired still from all the work and energy I put in to the move. Yeah yeah. Anyway, I am a light sleeper and any noise would wake me up. This time, I woke up as I thought I heard some foot steps approaching our bedroom. At first I thought maybe I was dreaming, but then I realized it was real! I jumped up and semi screamed "Oh my gosh." I wasn't scared as the foot steps were the forthcoming ones and not the sneaking kind (strange?). I only saw a part of his cloth, but he said in broken Enligsh "oh... sorry" and left. Later I found out it was a maintenance person who used to come in freely when my hubby was away.

I would have locked the entrance door from inside so that no one could come in, but I couldn't find any obvious extra locks. After the incident, I looked again carefully and I found out there was a small key hole - exactly the same key hole that you see on the outer side of the door. So one day while my hubby was at work, I stick my key into the hole and locked it. But guess what? Hubby could open it from outside when he returned.

Today, I had a chance to talk with the realtor lady. I asked "btw, is there any way that you can lock the door from inside so that no one can open it from outside?" And the lady answered properly like all Czech people would and said "yes, there is, certainly." I waited, and she waited. I said, "ah..., I found this little key hole here, but even when I locked it from inside, my hubby could open it from outside," and then she said, "did you leave the key in?" And I said "pardon?" as I didn't quite understand what she meant at first. Then I figured out that I had to leave the key in after locking it from inside. Ha-! Learn new things everyday!

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