Monday, January 25, 2010

First time driving around Brno city!

So, our additional air shipment that we made in Paso Robles finally came, but it was such a hassle as the post office sent us a certified mail for each box to make sure that we have a proof of us being the receiver of the box. We sent four boxes from Paso Robles, and we finally got two sent to us... well, "sent to us" here in Czech Republic doesn't mean that we get our boxes delivered to our door. It means, they were sent to the nearest post office. The mailman was supposed to deliver the boxes, but we never got them delivered. Instead, he/she left a sheet of paper saying that the boxes are at such and such location and that we should come and get them.

So, we rented a car and drove aruond the city for the first time. Well, I didn't, but my hubby did. Of course here in Europe, most of the cars are stick shift in default. I have driven a manual transmission for a while back in Japan, so I didn't mind driving, but I let my hubby take a lead on it.

Renting a car here in Brno is not that easy, either. Unless you reserve a car 24 hrs in advance, you seem to be out of luck. But, we found one of the hotels right near the main station deals with Hertz, and we managed to rent a car in 30 mins!

The particular post office that our boxes were held was supposed to be open until 1pm on Saturday. We finally got our car at 12:30pm, so my hubby just rushed to the post office, but of course we drove past it the first time. We went around and finally got there around 12:55pm! We managed to get the boxes. Although they were semi-torned, everything we packed were there.

Czech takes so much time to get the paper work straighten out, but they do make sure everything is intact. I like that!

Now that we got our package, gG got more food that he used to eat in the US, and we got more personal goods, which we appreciate. Slowly getting comfortable here. We just need to get the remaining two boxes we sent!