Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Caesar Salad

One of the things that we miss here in Brno is a good Caesar Salad.  We used to go to a resutaurant called Tender Green and got ourselves a plate of Caesar Salad all the time.  We also made it by ourselves at home using an already-made dressing or sometimes home-made dressing my hubby would make with olive oil, vinegar, boiled egg, and anchovi paste.  Caesar Salad was something so easy to get before, but now it became so hard to get, and even if you get, most of the time, you get disappointed by the rediculously sweat taste of the dressing.

But today at the restaurant called Zemanova Kavárna, we found a very genuine Caesar Salad!  I would go back there even just for the salad for sure.

Click restaurant's web site to learn more about the restaurant.

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