Sunday, February 28, 2010

Found "the" Steak Restaurant in Brno! - Feb 25, 2010

"Steak" in Czech simply means "grilled meat." So, if you go to a restaurant and see a word "steak" in a menu, it could mean pork, chicken, beef, or whatever being grilled. And the beef steaks we tried so far have been very disappointing except the steak we happened to encounter in a town called Znojmo, but we can't drive to Znojmo every time we want to eat steaks.

Then we heard about this Texas-themed restaurant called "U Straýho Billa" (Old Bill's). It is very close to my hubby's office and about 5 mins tram ride from our place. I have to say the steak was excellent!  I tried the steak called Nevada, which cost only $19 ($19 seems to be cheap, but I heard it is considered to be an expensive meal for Czech people).  Okay, it was not as fatty as it probably should for the Texan taste, but it was thick and juicy that satisfied us more than 100%!

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