Friday, February 5, 2010

Post Office

We had to go to get our certified mail to the post office near the main train station. In the US, you can request to the post office to redeliver your mail many times (as necessary). Here you can't. Plus even the firt time, the mailman doesn't even bother ringing the door bell (well the bell downstairs so that I can come down and get it), so there was no way for us to get the mail. If you get a certified mail, it seems that you are semi-forced to go to the post office to get the mail.
The post office near the station looked like it went through some renovation with lots of bright colors here and there, but is it just me??? It sort of reminded me of a jail... :(

Btw, Východ means "entrance." ý is a lengthened y, and ch is like German "ch" but slightly different sounding, and it seems to be pronounced as, simply put, "veehod." The strange thing is why put a sign for "entrance" when you are on the 2nd floor. I would assume people want to see "exit" instead??

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