Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sugar-coated Nuts - Feb 27, 2010

There is a small booth-like shop in the underground pathway to TESCO from the main train station, and I see a big line everytime I go by.  The sign says "u cukrove mandlicky" - basically meaning "sugar almonds."  You can enjoy the smell of sweetness as you walk by the shop, as they coat the nuts right there in a small booth.

We gave a try yesterday on the way to TESCO.  There were three kinds of nuts that you can choose from -  almonds, hazelnuts, and cashew nuts.  The great thing was the lady who was selling the nuts spoke English (you won't imagine how rare that is here in Brno)!!  We got a bag of hazelnuts.  They were still warm and so sweet!

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