Sunday, February 7, 2010

Got a TV!

We were contemplating whether or not to get a TV, but we did! We went to the big mall called Olympia which has the famous electronic store called Electro World. We definitely wanted to get a LCD display, and being the x-Sony fan, we again got a Sony 40" LCD which also has an ethernet jack, so that you can browse Internet if you want.

In addition to the TV, we also got a DVD player. Until we get satellite programs, I am sure we will be watching lots of DVDs. And, DVDs here are VERY cheap. I am certain those DVDs are dubbed somewhere, but the cheapest that I found was only $1.50! They are sold in newspaper stands, tabacco stores, or book stores. Selections are not that great, but you can't beat the price! And they are something that you can watch in ENGLISH :)

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