Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Applying for Czech visa - 2

Finally! My visa application has been successfully submited to the Embassy of Czech Republic in Bratislava. Thanks to my hubby, Jana, and others who helped me throughout the process!

I already wrote about a set of documents we needed to prepare for the application, but there were additional facts that were not written anywhere on the web. 

Firstly we had to translate our marriage certificate, which I wrote about last time. So, we made a copy of our marriage certificate with apostille from California government.  Then we had them translated into Czech, and had the copy and the translation notarized.  The embassy lady was satisfied with it this time. 

But, there were two new things this time.  

Firstly, she asked me to submit the second photo.  All the documents that I read on the web or on the paper never mentioned that I should have two photos.  In fact, it says one photo.  But, luckily, just in case, I had the second photo ready. :)   I suspect the embassy lady didn't expect that.  I could hear a subtle challenge in her voice when she asked me the second photo, and when I gave it to her, she looked rather reluctant.  Boy...

Then, she started to go through the documents, and asked where my name was on the apartment lease agreement. We only had my hubby's name on it, as I was not even here in Czech Republic when it was signed.  Plus it was never mentioned anywhere that my name had to be on the lease.  I am not sure if we really needed to have my name on it, or if she was just giving us a hard time (I have a suspicion it was the latter). Anyway, after my hubby debated with her, she told my hubby to sign my name, DOB, and passport number on the lease agreement and put his signature below them.  Okay, so he did it. 

After all, I understand that it is her job to make sure to inspect all the applicants and applications, but I also have to say that the required documents for the application have to be clearly stated somewhere.

By the way, you also need to prepare a copy of all the documents that you will be submitting.  When you go to the embassy, you need to have your passport, application with 1 photo (well, it was 2 photos in my case), a set of original doucments, and a set of copied documents.  And, if you are a Japanese citizen, the application fee is free, but depending on your nationality, the fee will be applied (I think it was 95 EUR for American citizens).

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