Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brno parking

One of the first things that caught my eye after arriving to Brno was the way the cars are parked here. Cars were parked completely "on" the sidewalk.  The sidewalk here is rather wide, so you can still walk next to the cars (well, at most places). But, it still was an interesting sight for me, as you don't see that too often in Japan or in the US. 

Is this illegal or done by a habit?  Nope. It is totally legal. In fact, there is a specific sign indicating you "must" park your car completely on the sidewalk. I heard there is also a sign indicating you must park one side of the car on the sidewalk. As long as you park your car as the sign says, you are cool.

Amazing thing is that people don't seem to have problems with the parallel parking even though they have to drive over the curb in order to do that (you know, you have to park ON the sidewalk!).

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