Sunday, May 30, 2010

Restaurant Hansen

Thanks to Ivan for letting us know about this wonderful restaurant called Hansen, which apparently just opened here in Brno. We of course decided to give it a try.

The restaurant is located in the historic building Besední house, which is now used as a concert hall for Brno Philharmonic Orchestra. It was built by the famous architect Theophil Hansen, who also built the Austrian Parliament Building in Vienna (1874-1883) and the Academy of Sciences in Athens.

Hansen's menu consists of the Austro-Hungarian traditional cuisine from 1850 to 1900 with a twist of contemporary taste. It was very simple compared to other restaurants here in Brno, which typically have hundreds of items on the menu. I definitely liked the short menu. Simple but very focused.

The interior is very plain with a high ceiling, and you feel like you are dining in a concert hall. In fact, the night we went there, there was a one-man musician playing a very interesting looking string instrument. The diners are rather quiet, so you do feel like you are dining in the middle of concert.

We both tried a soup called Krém z mladého pórku (Cream of young leeks), which was not too creamy or salty and just right. My hubby then tried Vepřová panenka (Pork tenderloin) as a main dish. It came with some sort of mashed potato and sauteed cabbage. I had Kachní prsíčko (Duck breast) that came with a wonderful combination of potato pancake and pureed cauliflower, which was just so wonderful.

And, everything was moderately priced. Would I recommend this restaurant?  Oh YES, definitely!

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