Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Devín Castle in Slovakia

Devín Castle is one of the most significant archeological sites in Slovakia. The castle is located in a town called Devín, which is about 10km west of Bratislava and almost right on the border to Austia, where River Danube meets River Morava. It was the ideal place to control the important trade route along these rivers. It says that the site was first settled in the Neolithic age(!) and was fortified in the Bronze and Iron Age.  During the 1st and 5th century, it became the fortresses for Romans. And in the 9th cntury, it became the most important fortress for the Great Moravian Empire.

The stone castle seemed to be built in the 13th century and continued to be expanded until Napoleon destroyed it in 1809.

From the parking lot, you climb up the hill for about 15 mins to get to the ruin (yes, it is a good exercise!). The ruin sits on top of the cliff looking down the beautiful rivers and surrounding nature.  So magnificent!

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