Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One day visit by Ken-chan and Kae-chan

My hubby's older son, Ken-chan, visited Brno with his girlfriend, Kae-chan.  It was such a short visit, but we enjoyed strolling around the old town of Brno and drinking Brno beers here and there :) 

The course we took was this: Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul (listen to the organ and went up to the top of the tower) --> Capuchin Crypt (will write about it separately) --> Coffee break --> Vegetable Market --> Měnín Gate (will write about it separately) --> Freedom Square --> St. James' Church --> Beer break --> Red Church (couldn't go in) --> Park around the Spilberk Castle

It was also the first time for me to climb up the tower of St. Peter and Paul Cathedral. The tower is called Towers of Petrov, and they were built in 1904-1905 by an architect named Augustus Kirstein. The entrance to the tower is located on the side of the church.  The tower is 84 meters high, and yes, the staircase continues for a while until you reach to the top (smokers, be careful!).  Once you reach to the top, though, you would be gifted with a beautiful vast view of the town of Brno.   I read that there was a quote above the main entrance to the tower saying "Come here everybody who is toiling, I will refresh you. Your soul will find peace."  And, truely, you will feel very refreshed and peaceful up there!

The picture of Ken-chan and Kae-chan was taken at the top of the tower.

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