Sunday, May 1, 2011

Everyone loves rohlík

It would be a crime if I leave the Czech Republic without mentioning about "rohlík"!!  Rohlík is everywhere. It is a thin roll stretched to the size of a hot dog. And it is ultra cheap! Most of the stores sell them at CZK 1 (6 cents) each. Almost everyone (I mean literally everyone) leaves the store with a bag full of rohlík, as if the only purpose of the shopping was to get rohlík. It had been a mystery to us how Czech people eat that many rohlík.

Now that we are leaving the Czech Republic, we decided to give another try (yes, we tried once right after we got here, but it was so dry inside and outside and we ended up throwing it away). Guess what!? It was okay (I wouldn't say it was great...sorry). We used rohlík as a hotdog bun. The rohlík we got this time was dry outside but moist inside - a great combination of texture!  If we were staying longer, I am sure we would have discovered more ways to eat rohlík, but it was good to discover the real taste of rohlík before we leave.

Btw, it is entertaining to see the expression on clerk's face when we buy only two rohlíks :-)

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