Monday, May 2, 2011

Windows and Doors in the Czech Republic

Most of the windows here in the Czech Republic open up in two different ways. Maybe this is a European thing. I don't remember ever seeing such windows in the US, so I never knew until a maintenance guy came to fix our window in our previous flat one day after living there for four months or so. He was amused to see my happy reaction when he showed me how the window opens up in two different ways :)

So... typically the window knob is pointing downward. If you turn the knob sideway, the window opens up towards you (this is rather typical). But here is the trick. If you turn the knob upwards, only the top part of the window opens up. This is convenient when you just need to let a little bit of air into your room.

Another thing I noticed in the Czech Republic is that most of the entrance door knobs don't turn. So, once you shut the door, there is no way of turning and opening the door. Something which I still don't understand is that people still lock the door even though there is no way of turning the knob (and thus not being able to opening it up).  Oh also, most of the restaurant entrance doors don't shut by themselves. You are so used to the door shutting itself with a slight push, but not here. You have to make sure you close the door all the way until you hear the click sound :)

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