Sunday, May 1, 2011

Red circle on window

We had to take a quick trip to Prague in order to apply for our visa to our new destination. This time instead of driving, we took a train. Trains are cheap here. To get to Prague, it usually cost CZK 160 (approx. $10) per person. This time we took a special super express train (well... it is still slow I have to say) which cost us an extra CZK 400, but hey the train was newer and there was waitress service inside the train. You can just press a button above your head, and a waiter would come and take your order for coffee, etc.
As we sat in our seats, I noticed a red circle on the window. Hmmm... is it a sticker? Japanese flag(まあ、そんなことはなかろうが...)? What is it?  My hubby who typically knows everything didn't know, either. Then I looked up above the window and found the sign explaining that is the circle you can hit with a hammer to break the window - for an emergency. Pretty advanced! BUT.... where is the hammer? I didn't see any around.

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